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Absolutely! Seam 2 leverages a portable integration with JSF based on a phase listener, so the upgrade from JSF 1.x to JSF 2 should be seamless. Just drop your application into an application server that bundles JSF 2 (such as GlassFish V3 or JBoss AS 6), or upgrade your existing application server to JSF 2 by upgrading the bundled JSF library. If you are deploying to a servlet container, simply add the JSF 2 library to the application archive.

If you encounter any problems that you think are a result of a conflict between Seam 2 and JSF 2, please discuss in the forums or report them in JIRA.

One known issue is that JSF 2 implicit navigation may lead to navigation when you don't expect it to happen. So it's more of a gotcha. See JBSEAM-4495

The JSF support in Seam 3 will leverage the JSF 2 APIs, such as system events, so you can be certain that the integration between the two will be well tested.

08. Dec 2009, 23:11 America/New_York | Link
Nicole B

Extending the domain of the question not just at JSF2, but at the future evolution of the ecosystem in EE6 as a long term strategy :

What about Seam2.2 having code developed with Spring2.5 integration today, either with Spring-Seam hybrids or Spring beans resolved from Seam, can we have some details about their foreseen coexistence in EE6? Will Seam3 and Spring3.1 have collaboration in the upgrade path with both serving compatible CDI models? Will Weld and Seam3 JSF2 extension deliver integration patterns with Spring3.1 similar with the one documented in Seam Reference doc today?

We know that two JSF Implementations, Mojarra and MyFaces can't coexist in same JVM. Making a parallel to this case, will Weld compete with another CDI implementation in same JVM ? The question comes from a concern about future compatibility and upgrade path for code that we are planning to write today.

17. Dec 2009, 21:03 America/New_York | Link

Is really so easy?

I have a project created in NetBeans, using glassfish v3 (with the library's own server - JSF2 and Facelets). However, when I add settings SEAM in web.xml and faces-config.xml and their libraries, I can no longer deploy it in glassfish.

Can someone help me??

Thanks. Carvo.

ps. sorry my poor english.

18. Dec 2009, 23:51 America/New_York | Link

I think that there may be an issue running Seam 2 on GlassFish V3, which is orthogonal to running Seam 2 applications with JSF 2. Could you please report any issues in JIRA?


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