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Due to time constraints and the rigidity of the Seam project build, the Seam project does not have an official Maven 2 project template for Seam. However, the Seam artifacts are published to the JBoss Maven 2 repository, allowing Seam artifacts to be retrieved by third-party Maven 2 projects. Fortunately, Seam has a strong and motivated community and there have been several initiatives to provide an archetype for starting a Seam application that is built with Maven 2.

Sanctioned initiative

Until Maven 2 is officially supported in Seam 3, the Seam team members have identified an initiative to sanction as the official Maven 2 project archetype for Seam 2. The Know IT Objectnet developers have created a Mavenized Seam project template for you to use. They pulled together a lot of research and development based on existing Java EE and Seam Maven 2 projects and distilled them into an excellent starting point.

The developers also generously converted several of the source code stages/chapters from Seam in Action to Maven 2 projects as well.

As of now the project is aimed at running on the JBoss AS 4.2.3 and JBoss AS 5.X application servers deployed as an EAR project.

The Know IT Objectnet developers welcome fellow Seam and Maven 2 fans to this project. Whether you want to use this template to develop your own projects, or you want to contribute to the project, they invite you to check out the code.

Other initiatives

We appreciate the many other efforts lead by community members to assemble a Seam project based on a Maven 2 build, which are listed here.

SeamTest and Maven

Using SeamTest with Maven can be a challenge because the Embedded JBoss container on which SeamTest relies is not very classpath friendly. It brings its own solar system of JAR files with it and those can easily conflict with the classpath built by Maven. Please see the following thread on how best to integrate the two:

TestNG and Maven - How To Configure It Correctly

Play close attention to the responses Dan gives.

The future

Be sure to follow the developments in Seam 3, which will include an official Maven 2 archetype for Seam applications. We welcome your feedback and expertise as we standardize the structure of this project.

13. Sep 2009, 06:23 America/New_York | Link


Can integration tests be run now on a Maven 2 template based project? The last time I checked it was not possible to run the tests with the Embedded JBoss container neither from the command line with mvn test nor into Eclipse.

If I remember correctly it was in the process of being implemented. Is it, now?


18. Dec 2009, 16:35 America/New_York | Link

I've also used Cambridge Technology Partner's archetype. It seems to be well thought-out.

11. Jan 2010, 23:00 America/New_York | Link

I started a seam maven archetype of my own at

seam-ear-archetype will generate a nested multi module project, allowing you to run integration tests (i.e. using the embedded JBoss) both compatible with eclipse (m2eclipse 0.9.9 and testng plugin required) and maven.

It's an early version, so it will assume you already created a mysql database having the same name as your main artifact, and it's targeted at running on JBoss 5. I'm currently testing JBoss Tools integration.


Fred Bricon